Timeless Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

The Timeless LIMS is a comprehensive laboratory information management system for all laboratory disciplines. This advanced system is built upon the latest scalable database foundation, incorporates customizable applications, supports multiple users in more than one geographic area with secure access to the data, and provides an intuitive and efficient workflow enabling fast and accurate turn around of results.

The Timeless LIMS provides, for example, hospital and reference laboratories the ability to inventory blood and blood products from individual donors or an organization (such as Canadian Blood Services), manage transfusion patient data and provide a means to track usage and report on that data at both the provincial/state and national levels. The Timeless LIMS also enables blood products to be reserved in advance for impending surgeries and cross matched to ensure suitable blood is available instantly in emergency situations.

The Timeless LIMS supports multiple, authenticated users which access a secure, encrypted centralized database of patient and product data. New records are entered into the Timeless LIMS either manually, by data import or by using a bar code reader. Existing patient and product records can be viewed and edited within the Timeless LIMS if the correct security level is applied. Patient, test, product and issue data can be archived for storage, as well as, maintained in the Timeless LIMS active database. Management reports and routines provide complex data querying and support a multitude of reporting options.

Timeless LIMS Features:

  • Intuitive application GUIs and workflow
  • Fully customizable screens and forms
  • Easy administration of data security & user access
  • Support for multiple laboratory departments
  • Rapid data entry (and retrieval) by manual input, import or bar code reader
  • Import and export to industry standard formats
  • Fast reporting engine (ODBC compliant) with pre-defined and/or user created reports
  • Automated data backup, cross reference and validation using check-sum
  • Single install and multi-user client/server versions
  • HL7, XML, HIPAA standards compliant

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