Health Professionals Membership System

The Timeless Health Professionals Membership System is a full featured member management system for health professional associations and societies. The system is capable of managing member information, processing member renewal, online transactions (charges and payments), accounting AR/AP and much more. It is used by most of the health professional associations on Prince Edward Island, Canada, to maintain and manage all aspects of their memberships from annual registrations to health human resource (HHR) forecasting.

The Timeless Health Professionals Membership System is built to meet health industry standards for data security, privacy and integrity. It can be run and maintained in-house or provided as an online service by Timeless Medical Systems®.

Health Professionals Membership System Features:

  • Minimizes Maintenance Costs and Saves Time
  • Produces Membership and HHR Planning Reports
  • Compliant with Industry Standards
  • Intuitive Membership Renewal Process
  • Built in Back-Up for Past Data Retrieval
  • Browser Based for Ease of Management
  • Easily Customized to Individual Requirements
  • Manages Bulk E-Mailings to Members
  • CIHI (Canadian Institute of Health Informatics)
  • Voluntary Export Possible

Strategic Uses:
The Health Professionals Membership System provides a single point of data entry for all of your registration needs and requirements, both locally and nationally. You can then access the data to email all members of your association and develop reports.

The collected data will help with analysis for creating association health human resource strategies, to identify issues such as shortages in recruitment and to improve retention of health care professionals in your jurisdiction.

Membership Renewal:
Associations typically require their members to renew their membership after a given period of time (I.e. annually). The Health Professionals Membership System allows the administrator to send a personalized email to each of its members to remind them of the upcoming renewal deadline. Members may update their information and/or pay annual registration online if they wish.

Easily Customized:
Timeless realizes each health professionals association has differing needs and will require the Health Professionals Membership System to comply with their own requirements. The Health Professionals Membership System has been built to allow ease of integration with your existing hardware/software infrastructure and ease of customization to satisfy your needs. Whether you want new features added or simply something changed, we will strive to meet your needs in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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