Timeless Cancer Registry System (CRS)

The Timeless Cancer Registry System (CRS) was developed to allow for the timely and accurate collection, distribution and analysis of information relating to the treatment of cancer patients. This advanced system connects information from oncology departments with provincial, state and national tumor and patient registries such as the Canadian Cancer Registry. The Timeless CRS does this automatically using industry standard data formats and secure electronic data interchange. The Timeless CRS allows for the information to be collated in a manner where researchers can easily analyze and determine best practices to ensure that their clients receive the best medical treatments possible.

The Timeless CRS is a Windows based product designed to run under Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Linux, Novell and other operating systems. The Timeless CRS provides commands that allow users to manage patients and tumors, and provides a wide variety of reports, import and export routines for the collection and dissemination of data. The Timeless CRS main application functionality is accessed through an intuitive menu system and ergonomically placed command buttons which enables efficient workflow and the highest possible quality of data output.

Timeless CRS Features:

  • Intuitive application GUIs and workflow
  • Mission critical, single install, multi-user client/server, web enabled and ASP versions
  • Fully customizable screens and forms
  • Exporting of data to Industry Standard file formats
  • Legacy system data importing
  • NAACCR, CCR, HIPAA standards compliant
  • Collaborative Staging
  • Workload/Resource Management application
  • Timeless Data Validation application automates back-ups and cross-references data using check-sum
  • Timeless Reporting Engine (ODBC compliant) allows for fast abstracting and creates pre-defined reports and/or user-created ones
  • Multi-faceted records searching and printing
  • Easy administration of data security/access level restrictions

Timeless CRS Optional Snap-In Applications:

  • Case Closure Module: importing from National, Provincial and State death confirmation and LCMS Pathology data files
  • E.D.I. Module: secure, encrypted integration with Registries/Reporting Agencies
  • LINAC Module
  • Clinical Department Module
  • Treatment Data Collection and Reporting Module
  • Radiotherapy Data Collection and Reporting Module

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