Timeless Medical Systems® Announces the Release of the Newest Addition to its Women and Infants™ Product Line: FormulaTrak™, the World's First Infant Formula Tracking System


Charlottetown, PE, Canada - October 4, 2012 - Timeless Medical Systems® is pleased to announce the release of FormulaTrak™, the newest innovation in tracking and tracing infant feedings in the hospital setting. The Timeless Medical Women & Infants™ FormulaTrak system is the first and only technology that incorporates sophisticated 2D barcoding with positive patient identification to track and trace infant formula from the time it enters a hospital until the time a product is fed, and everywhere in between. FormulaTrak easily interfaces with electronic medical records, computerized physician order entry, admit-discharge-transfer systems, and materials management systems to offer precise and robust inventory control. The suite of reports that come with the FormulaTrak system make it easy to monitor the use of infant formula in hospitals and provide the data needed to inform regulatory bodies of usage statistics.

"We are extremely excited about today's announcement and the addition of FormulaTrak to our Timeless Medical Women & Infants product line," stated John Rowe, President of Timeless Medical Systems. "FormulaTrak fills a void in the industry by allowing health care professionals to easily and accurately manage infant formula in their hospital. In a recent survey of over 100 Neonatal Intensive Care Units across the US and Canada, greater than 80% of NICU Nurse Managers and Directors acknowledged the importance of careful managing and tracking of prepared infant formula feedings, because of the critical role they play in patient health and development, as well as the implications that feeding errors can have on patient safety."

FormulaTrak enhances patient safety, provides controls for meeting regulatory compliance requirements and improves efficiency of formula feeds for hospital nursing staff. FormulaTrak further ensures the right feeding to the right infant, validates all doctor's orders, prevents expired feeds, and even improves the efficiency and accuracy of the feeding preparation process. FormulaTrak also revolutionizes the feeding preparation process with the Timeless Medical Systems Formula Prep Calculator™. The Formula Prep Calculator is built right into FormulaTrak and automatically translates doctor's orders into precise recipes for the volume of each feed being prepared. The Formula Prep Calculator also generates descriptive labels to clearly identify the contents of each prepared feed with minimal effort. This calculator is a complimentary addition to our new Breast Milk Tracking™ and FormulaTrak product installations.

Each FormulaTrak product installation is customized to meet the unique requirements of each hospital. For more information or to see a product demonstration of the Timeless Women & Infants Breast Milk Tracking or FormulaTrak products, please contact Timeless Medical Systems' sales department at 800-630-3730 Ext. 7025 or via email at: Sales@TimelessMedical.com.

About Timeless Medical Systems:

Timeless Medical Systems® creates customer solutions to track and trace the handling and feeding of expressed breast milk, donor human milk, and infant formula in healthcare facilities and human milk banks across the US and Canada. Since 2004, Timeless has saved thousands of babies from feeding errors.

For more information about Timeless Medical Systems®, its products or services, please call 800-630-3730 or visit www.TimelessMedical.com.

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